Maryke du Plessis is the founder, designer and head craftsman at Moonraker Design and has been in the trade of handcrafting one of a kind jewellery pieces since 2010. Maryke obtained her degree in Graphic Design at North West University but moved on to fulfill her dream in jewellery design and manufacturing as an apprentice at Liz Loubser Jewellers.

She also spent a few years in London, England under the leadership of a skilled fine jeweller Ming Lampson and received her certificate in gemmology at the Gemmological Assosiation of Great Britain.

Moonraker Design is a boutique design house focusing on bespoke diamond engagement rings and custom designed jewellery. Maryke is well known for her ability to capture the vision of every individual client she meets, draft real-timeĀ ideas and bring them to life in a one of a kind piece. A treasure for years to come.